Story of the Moment

At last weeks stated meeting, Brother Frank gave a great Lodge education program, with the aid of a musical performance from our talented Brother Kelley. Brother Frank based his program on the poem below, from which he encouraged the Brethren to look beyond the face value of circumstances we encounter daily, and to go into the story of what brought us to that moment, and perhaps why.

So Brethren, you are encouraged to make note of a moment, between now and when we me next, in which you discovered the story that created a moment of your day or life.

Looking at the majestic, towering tree,
The countless summers I do not see,
Nor the frigid winters of the last century,
I see only its state in the present.
I gaze at the whimsical, winding blue stream,
But I see not the glacier nor condensing hot steam,
Or the millions of years where the soil reigned supreme.
I see only its state in the present.
The stars shine like beacons in the velvety sky,
But I can’t see the countless who’ve watched them drift by,
Nor the dreamers that chased them, attempting to fly.
I see only their state in the present.
I stare at the mirror, pondering me,
The decades of struggle, are all that I see,
Concerned with what’s next and what I could be,
But no matter, I am only my state in the present.